Maximize your DPS and raid performance with our sophisticated external combat routine engine and highly intelligent class profiles.

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Why Choose Rotation Lab


Ultra Security

Fully external based engine, no memory injection or LUA unlocker required to ensure best security.


Pixel-Based Engine

Low latency pixel reading technology which provides a smooth and responsive gaming experience.


Free Profiles

Access to hundreds of free profiles with a single subscription.


Class Diversities

Rotation Lab supports all the classess, including Tank, DPS and Healers.


Highly Intelligent

Created by top players around the world, complex algorithms to ensure spells and cooldowns are used at right time to achieve highest possible parse.


Easy Setup

Get a rotation up and running in minutes, no special knowledge required, even you grandma knows how to use it.


All Game Clients

Rotation Lab supports official classic and retail clients in any language out of the box without any further configuration.


Scripting Engine

Create your own private rotations if you have fundamental programming experiences, tutorials and example codes available.

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What is a combat rotation bot ?

A combat rotation bot or combat routine bot is a third-party software or script that automatically cast spells for you while you are in combat. Generally, if you are clunky or simply an average player, you will notice significant DPS gain and achieve higher parses if you start to use a combat rotation bot. Using a rotation bot also relieve your fingers from potential injuries and extend the life of your keyboard.

Can I get banned using Rotation Lab ?

We treat security seriously and no ban has been reported up to this date, however, there are always risk when using any kind of third-party software. If you can't afford to lose your account, do not use any third-party software.

What is a rotation profile / script ?

For every class and specialization, a rotation developer needs to dive deeply into the class mechanics and write complex codes in order to create a "profile" designed for that specific class/specialization. We have an online profile repository allowing the community to contribute and share their rotation profile with others.

What profile can I access after purchase ?

Is Private Server supported ?

Yes, it works on all the popular private servers.

You may access hundreds of free profiles, please visit the profile page to view all the current profiles.

Are both PVE and PVP supported ?

Rotation Lab is PVE focused with very limited PVP specific profiles.

How much does Rotation Lab costs ?

We want to limit Rotation Lab to a very small user base, therefore the pricing is automatically determined by the system based on the number of current active subscribers. The more subscriber there are, the higher cost it would be to obtain a license. You can view the current pricing by creating an account and logging in.

What payment method is accepted ?

We currently only accept Bitcoin, PayPal and Credit Card payments.

How do I become a reseller ?

We do open opportunity for reselling Rotation Labs, however, circumstances are limited and resellers are generally available to regions where customer support is required in language other than English is required. If you are interested please contact us.

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